Relaxing in Style

A Short Walk, And A Big Laugh

“Nothing, but love” For Buddy. Today we walked Josh to the bus stop. Later He made me laugh….so hard I cried. Another message from Above: Our pets are here to give us unconditional love, and free kisses, join us on our long walks, listen to us when we pour out our hearts, they calm the chaos in our minds…by just being there in that very moment. Today, I was given a reminder of just that.

“Now that’s LIFE” 2012


I was thinking about all of the things that need to be done by ME.  Well, so much for getting back to business.  I made it to the gym today, Zumba class was awesome!  I would love to get started on that very important “TO DO LIST“…However, there are many different variations of THE lists.  I want to start on this great endeavor that I stumbled upon while reading my favorite blog on google reader.  There is this great scrapbooking kit that involves putting everyday life into pictures with journaling better known as, “Project Life”.  This is something that I have been wanting to do since the kids were born, anyway at some point I have to finish a scrapbook, update my blog, organize the closets, finally give up on those old clothes and drop then off at the thrift store.  There will always be something to start, update, delete, remove, redo, add, complete, oh yeah, or finish.  However, those special moments that we miss out on because we are “too busy”, preoccupied, working, studying, or sleeping may never reoccur, but somehow these fleeting moments have a way of creeping back into our lives via memories, or sometimes as regrets.  Believe me, I have my own share of regrets, and a million of moments that I would love to experience all over again.

So with that being said…. I hope that my life is full of great family memories, many I wish to capture in photos, and others I hope to recapture and remember in various forms of poetic expression.  My lists will always be there, mostly unfinished….. but I have faith that my life, and that of my friends and family will continue to be blessed, and treasured for every precious moment.  Hopefully, I will be able to focus better, and work harder at completing those never-ending tasks, without forgetting to live in the moment and enjoy LIFE.  Here is the information for my newly found blogs about scrap-booking etc.,





For what it’s worth our HISTORY is our LIFE; developing, and changing as it unfolds, twisting and turning, shaking up and mixing together the good and bad times, molding us, strengthening our bonds, fine tuning our legacies before our very eyes, and the story of US… continues to be written, revised, and revamped by the challenges we face, and the trials we survive. Our love for LIFE continues to feed our souls and brings us Peace, Faith, Hope and Happiness which keeps us going on.



A MOTHER’S work is never done.

just when you finally sit back to relax
another “fire” needs to be extinguished.
On this beautiful Mother’s Day……
These are a few words, I have to say:

Today, I will not: curse, cringe, or yell…..
I will RELAX, BREATHE, and sit down for a spell.


No fussing, complaining or nagging-
not for a while.
Well on this day for “MOTHERS”
it’s just time for me!



Just the things that I enjoy…..
taking photos, gardening, and writing
hanging out with my kids.
No lists, no errands, no WORRIES, no messes.
Just time to enjoy God’s blessings;

OUR life, our home, sweet memories
My hubby, and our kids, and our FAMILY.

I will be HAPPY, be grateful….BE satisfied!
with just: being ME….. a woman, a friend
a wife, and the best MOM that I can be!


Today is not just about: the candy, flowers or gifts
remember to cherish life,to love and be loved.
Meander down life’s paths with joy, and a CAUSE.
no matter how the tides of life overflows, and drifts
Rise renewed, and refreshed after each and every fall.

My wish for all of you is simple:

Keep on, keeping on my sisters, and friends,
My wine glass is proudly held up for all of you!
Very special women, awesome wives, and MOTHERS!


Have a Wonderful Mother’s Day!

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Making Time to Reconnect


Just when you think that time is slipping by…. there is a glimpse of hope when all things work out for the best.  Despite the heat, and other minor mishaps- “all is well” in our world.  I had a great time reconnecting with some friends in California.  It was like being a teenager …laughing, and  talking all night.  I am grateful that We were able to spend some time just hanging out with friends who we miss dearly. 

Now that vacation is over, I have to catch-up on yard work, weeding, housework, etc…. TIME DOES FLY, and too bad for us we cannot rewind, freeze, skip or start over…..





Another year older.

Wiser.  Stronger, more focused.

Living, Growing, and Learning.

Change is a good thing.

Come what may…..

Mi bonita vida!

Photos off Russ's Phone

Where does all the time go?

BEFORE marriage, kids, pets, and  mortgage…. I thought I had too much time.  I don’t know where all the time goes, all I know is that I don’t have time for the following:
  • sleep
  • exercise
  • fun
  • reading
  • walks in the park
  • being creative

peace and quiet, AND TIME FOR MYSELF,  seems like things of a distant dream.  I hope to make a change and find some extra time for doing things that I love. I hope to work on my photos, make a few greeting cards, find time to exercise, and also in the process maybe I can lose some weight, and fix my finances.  WISH ME LUCK! 

I wrote a poem today.  I guess I hav e to find small time frames to write, relax, and even have some peace and quiet.  Oh yeah, I forgot I am also taking an online class- trying to complete my bachelor’s degree.

Timeless. Or Less Time,
written by Sharon Johnson-Eby
What really matters?
Beauty, Youth, Wealth?
Time does not stand still.  
We live, and  grow, 
and strive for change.


Whatever flatters…
Some things we hide, and others.
Secrets, wrinkles, health.
We can’t wait to show
the price, what you paid.
What’s your cost range?

 Stronger, Older, Wiser! 
Even good looks fade,
great minds languish
roses wither, seasons change.
TIME………KEEPS MOVING ON.Now, that you know,
What are you going to do?




Talking about YouTube – Otis Redding- (Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay



YouTube – Otis Redding- (Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay
  do you remember this song?  I am working on a website for the 2010 Lynch Family reunion.  This song takes me back to summer at Grandma Lynch’s house.  Memories of flipflops, chasing the ice cream truck, and hot MS weather, and oh yeah who can forget the MOSQUITOS…





My Whimsical Stay-cation

2009-07-12 20.29.30

Well,  so time has gone by so fast!  I have been on vacation for almost 1 week.  Achievements to date:  gardening-  planted and replanted the front flowerbed,transplanted some Hostas in the side-shade garden. 

2009-07-28 18.47.45 1248823777205 1248823254991

HOUSEWORK:   a little…. SIGH

HARDWORK:  Trying to get the floors replaced in the kitchen/mudroom- headache, and issues along the way:  lost my motivation for a split second.  Hubby was helpful!  He helps keep things in perspective.

I wanted to have a yard sale,  or downsize the closets.  What an endeavor.  I am calling myself “brave” .  I’d rather spend time in the garden, or take photos.  I only have 8 days left on my stay-cation.  Hope to make it to the Japanese gardens, or some other garden center.  Wish me luck!

Taking lots of photos:  Need to exercise more, wanted to go on more walks- they are free.  Besides the dogs need to go on more walks.  Hope to get up early and walk around Lake Normandale.

1248722887724 2009-07-28 19.30.49 1248823276159

Time really goes fast, it seems just like yesterday that my daughter was 5 years old.  Now she is 16 and taking Driver’s Ed.  Pray for me to have patience, when teaching her to drive.  Any pointers.  Please leave a comment.

Oh Dios Mio!2009-07-28 19.29.45

LIFE IS SHORT!  LIVE to the fullest.

Time to go now, maybe I just need to slow down, and take a nap or something…  The challenge is knowing when to take it easy.

2009-07-28 18.46.22