WINTER BLUES:  Winter seems to linger forever here in Minneapolis.  I call it the "Frozen Tundra".  I am looking forward to the "Spring"
The weather is funny!  We have drastic changes, last weekend it was 20 degrees and we were riding down the street with the windows down…
Only a Minnesotan after a long, dreary winter would consider that to be warm.  Today, it snowed again. BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!Sarcastic
TOO COLD… so I could work on my blog…. Awh the art of procrastination;  I should be doing my homework, but I needed a break.  I have always wanted to start a blog, but could never find the time.  I have been reading other Sisters in locks blogs, and have been encouraged to write my own blog.  I have been encouraged by everyone and I am excited that I actually sat down and started the process.  It was not as hard as I thought it would be.  I think that blogging will be a great outlet for sharing my thoughts, writing poetry and sharing my photos, and hopefully in the process, I can inspire others and have a positive influence in the world.

SmileA few things that I am looking forward to:
1.  Long walks in the park with the dogs, WITHOUT WINTER GEAR.
2.  Jogging by the lake.
3.  Outdoors activities, especially gardening.
4.  Spring clothes, hairstyles, accessories.
I have been Sisterlocked since Feb.2005, so I believe it has been 3 years.  I am glad that I made the change.  Never looked back, no regrets.  I am satisfied thus far.  I enjoy the freedom that I have since being "locked".  I also had my daughter’s hair Sisterlocked in September of the same year.  Overall, I believe that she is happy, even though at first, she did not think it was a good idea.  We both have experienced a great amount of growth.  I even took the re-tightening classes in Memphis, to save money, and to have the convenience of re-tightenings on my own schedule.  I am very busy, work full-time, mother of four, wife, student…. How can a girl fit everything into one day?
My daughter, N’Dazhia

I live in the Midwest, and work in a hospital in the Twin Cities.  Lots of people are curious about my hair, and they ask many questions, such as can you wash it, is it real, are those extensions, or a wig?  Most of the feedback has been positive, with a few exceptions of people who are shocked about the expense of Sisterlocks and the amount of time spent on retightening.  Nevertheless,  We love our hair!Wink

Music for the Soul……
I love  music, and I enjoy listening to various types of music.  I am a fan of  the FABULOUS, JILL SCOTT, and the IMFAMOUS, MR. GEORGE BENSON-  PERFORMING " SUMMERTIME".

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