The kids have grown up so much! Time really does go by fast.  Another thing that changes as they grow up is the request that they make for the Christmas list.  The price tag gets larger.  I want to look back at the holidays and see things of joy, peace and love…. not remember the chaos, the heartbreaks and the artificialness of what has become of the Christmas holiday.

My one wish is for everyone to have good health, hearts full of love and most of all a warm place to call HOME.

  I LOVE ARTS AND CRAFTS!                             I was at Barnes and Noble this past week.  I was searching for a certain book about paper crafts, but after searching painstakingly I was informed that this book was not available at this time.  I have found a replacement!  This book is just what any aspiring mixed media artist needs.  Just in time for Christmas.  I know that I will probably be purchasing this book, even if I don’t win the book give-away contest.  Follow the link below if you want to enter this contest.

Ilka’s Attic–Mixed Media Artist Susan Tuttle: book give-away contest!

Amazon Link to purchase this book

is below:




I don’t think that I am the type of person who is starstruck, but I must give the lady her props—“THAT GIRL IS BAD!”


back to business!

WEARY BLUES…….jingleless times

Winter has arrived?  Christmas time is near…. what is that I hear?  Jingle bells, “tinkerbell”, NO, NO, NO!  what do I see?  houses decked out with their blinking LED lights, giant snow globes and mistletoe,  blinged out Christmas trees, and the glittering and glistening SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!   Hustle and bustle, got to “GO, GO, GO!,”  gifts to wrap, parties to  go to, people to see, busy busy busy people, that’s what’s become of you and me…. I give up! Can not keep up with the Jones’ and I am tired of pretending to be richer, wiser or more hipper that thee.  Let’s go back to the more simple times when spending time with each other was acceptable and received with glee.

Snow is falling again.  It’s cold outside.  That means it is almost Christmas time!   I used to love this time of year, but I have come to dread this time of year.  WHY?  Mostly because it is very stressful.  TIS THE SEASON;  To get caught up in keeping up with who you “wannabe”…  We all are made to feel guilty around this time of year.  But I have to confess that I have been sucked into the drama of this so called season of giving and worried more about how much things I could give, the pricetags, the namebrands, the must-haves, etc.  I hate that Christmas has lost it’s true meaning and been so commercialized.   My kids do not believe in Santa anymore, So don’t believe the hype.  We forget about the most precious gift of all.  God, his gift:  his Son, and Love for all mankind.   Maybe since the countries in a depression, the message of giving will not be lost this time around.  Reach out and let the people most important to you know that they are loved.   IMG_0914

How can we make it through such times, so cold, so bitter, so blue. Times are hard.  Money is scarce.  Bills- they keep coming, piling up so high.  Don’t waste precious tears on things you cannot instantly CHANGE!  Nevertheless, Worry sets in, FEAR is her troublesome friend.   Temporarily, hope, and joy fade away. Clouds of bitterness block out the silver lining…. WIPE THOSE TEARS from your face!  KEEP THE FAITH-  PRAY!  change is going to come!

SMILE!  why?  you are GOD’S Child!  This is my manifesto, I find peace, my strength , my solace, my refuge in you… I know that you will give me direction, share your wisdom, give me inspiration.  I know that I can turn to you in times of trouble, in my weakest hour, during the my darkest times, YOU have always been there for me.

Just Believe, take action, work hard, Breathe!


Even Buddy has faith- that we will open the door…..



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