2009-07-12 20.29.30

Well,  so time has gone by so fast!  I have been on vacation for almost 1 week.  Achievements to date:  gardening-  planted and replanted the front flowerbed,transplanted some Hostas in the side-shade garden. 

2009-07-28 18.47.45 1248823777205 1248823254991

HOUSEWORK:   a little…. SIGH

HARDWORK:  Trying to get the floors replaced in the kitchen/mudroom- headache, and issues along the way:  lost my motivation for a split second.  Hubby was helpful!  He helps keep things in perspective.

I wanted to have a yard sale,  or downsize the closets.  What an endeavor.  I am calling myself “brave” .  I’d rather spend time in the garden, or take photos.  I only have 8 days left on my stay-cation.  Hope to make it to the Japanese gardens, or some other garden center.  Wish me luck!

Taking lots of photos:  Need to exercise more, wanted to go on more walks- they are free.  Besides the dogs need to go on more walks.  Hope to get up early and walk around Lake Normandale.

1248722887724 2009-07-28 19.30.49 1248823276159

Time really goes fast, it seems just like yesterday that my daughter was 5 years old.  Now she is 16 and taking Driver’s Ed.  Pray for me to have patience, when teaching her to drive.  Any pointers.  Please leave a comment.

Oh Dios Mio!2009-07-28 19.29.45

LIFE IS SHORT!  LIVE to the fullest.

Time to go now, maybe I just need to slow down, and take a nap or something…  The challenge is knowing when to take it easy.

2009-07-28 18.46.22


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